About Us

S N E Z A R Timepiece is a fashion brand that designs environmentally friendly and bespoke bamboo wooden timepieces. Inspired by the African continent and its people – full of rich and sometimes painful history but determined to change the narrative to become an economic powerhouse. We want to build a timepiece that is not seamless and minimalistic in design but also one that is personalized by the user themselves through an online interface that allows customers to add their own personal elements to a bare design.

Birthed from an insatiable desire to create something truly unique and inspired by a number of entrepreneurs, artist, leaders and billionaires who successfully built impact driven businesses.

We offer unisex, minimalistic and well-designed bamboo strap watches made from authentic environmentally friendly materials. Our products are for those who love and value high aesthetic timeless pieces, it’s an Afro-contemporary product that speaks to the heart of Africans as we are looking into introducing this product to the largely underserved African population through creating a brand essence that resonates and represents the new Afropolitan.

Sinekhaya Manciya
Founder/ Creator